(read from bottom to top). 

A classy bitch and a plain ordinary girl. Choose.
This dead wrong heart ? This heart got it own confusion path where bitter and sweet cuddling and get drowned, but survive and ALIVE.
Bitch, the act you found is the art of looking trouble where misleading and mendacious filling a dead wrong heart.
I'll stay being a classy bitch. A path of my very own belief,populating the darkness.I believe and it is that rock solid belief i put in act
Bitch,stop playing dat game and when it stops,u know how pure it gonna lead ur life. To continue as a belief or put a wall,find a door.
I know what i trapped for and it's for a repetition of affirmations game that lead to a belief, to be classy bitch in ur own scope of pride
So bitch it serves ur target of being a bitch n stay classy 2 stand ur pride,following ur heart? that's called trapped in mind,lost in heart
Pride? Stand up and speak. A stiffening of how heart should win, and how mind goes, pairing as a twin.
I prefer to call it unconsciousness outgrow of self-respect ,in context of pride.
Classy one for you, fuckin' dishonorable for me, bitch.
Be a bitch and you know which one will exist.Shut the fuck up if u are not achieve the 'bitch' title.Classy bitch is not even close for you
A classy one? You shouldn't be neither the one with class nor with no class. Bitch is a bitch
I am. Behave like a classy bitch, ain't it?
Well don't you think it's fun?
Oh stop bitching around.